70 Reporters at One Game? Oh, yes!

At first, the idea of using 70 reporters to cover the Los Angeles Angels seemed like a gross waste of resources. However, after reading this article in full, I really like the idea. I love the idea that the OC Register is covering every angle of opening day.

The Angels went out and spent a boatload of money and obtained baseball’s biggest star: Albert Pujols, often referred to as El Hombre. The Angels usually have good attendance and have recently fielded good teams, but this year is different. This year, they are expected to make the playoffs and many are hoping for a World Series trophy. With all the excitement in a large city like L.A., it makes a lot of sense for the local paper to try to cover every angle, from the guy who is planning to propose to his girlfriend to the guy selling hot dogs in the left field concessions stand.

The larger questions for me is would such a thing translate to other events? I think for some things yes, and for some things no. The first day of school might work, but I feel it would have to be on a smaller scale. The Oscars could probably work, especially since it’s a global event taking place locally in Hollywood. Here’s why I think the news mob works: money. Fans people good money to attend Angels games. Interest is especially high on opening day. People may not necessarily pay for Oscar coverage, but they often are willing to pay gas money to go to an Oscar party with friends and you must have purchased a television if you watch the Oscars at your own home. Meanwhile, citizens do pay tax dollars to send children to school. But that is tax money, and not supplemental income. People pay money to watch some of the movies featured at the Oscars.

I guess what I’m getting at is supply and demand. There is a clear demand for sporting events and movies. Thousands of people pay money to see movies and sporting events. Therefore, one would assume they would be willing to pay money to see coverage of the event. Meanwhile, thousands of people have children, but would less willing to pay money to see a newspaper with coverage of the first day of school unless their child’s name is in the paper or some other similar occurrence. Maybe I’m wrong. Anyone else care to weigh in? When would the news mob work and when wouldn’t it work? Is it a silly idea to begin with? Or is it a good idea that we are likely to see more of?

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