The Evolution of Bitter

I know I’ve already written about coffee once on this blog, but I found an article on Forbes recently that I want to discuss. There is a minor grammatical error in the article and I have a strong reservation in one regard, but overall it’s an interesting article.

My reservation with the article is the fact that the author seems okay with Breakfast tea, but not okay with coffee. Her whole reason for not liking coffee? The bitterness of coffee. Is it just me or is tea also bitter? It’s not just me actually. Scientists have studied this by testing the catechins in green tea. Part of what makes green tea so healthy for you is the bitter catechins that provide important antioxidants. Also, check out this article in The Guardian where an owner of a tea company discusses bitterness as one of tea’s primary qualities.

At any rate, the Forbes article is interesting food for thought. Starbucks is doing an amazing job at finding ways to get product into every possible corner. The idea of coffee machines is interesting. Frankly, I don’t see what’s so wrong with it. What makes coffee so much worse than sugary sodas? But as to the main point of bitterness: I know I can no longer drink coffee black (I never really could actually). I like coffee beverages that are heavily “adulterated,” as the author puts it, with milk or cream. I sheepishly admit I like the Via instant coffee. It’s not that I don’t know what excellent coffee tastes like. It’s just that I don’t have $4 to buy a cup everyday. To get that energy jolt at a price I can afford, I make my own. With that, I leave you with a picture of my own homemade cappuccino. Yes, I am so dorky that I have my own frother.



2 thoughts on “The Evolution of Bitter

  1. As a non-coffee and non-tea drinker, I could not quite identify with most of the points in this post. Should I feel bad about that? Have I missed out on an important part of life?

    • Dr. Daniels,

      According to the author of the article, that makes you a non-conformist. She says people drink coffee because of peer pressure. So, I would say there’s nothing you should feel bad about. Then again, the watered-down coffee beverages I consume taste awful good to my palate. But I’m pretty sure your life will be fine without it.

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