Mobile devices hold promise for news producers

Today’s post is related somewhat to yesterday’s post in trying to pinpoint the rapidly evolving field of journalism and where it is headed in the near future. This article in PC Magazine does a good job of summarizing the latest findings in a study by the Pew Research Center. 

One of the major findings is that news consumption on mobile devices has been steadily increasing. One of the most interesting findings is that mobile users are more likely to seek out traditional news organizations than desktop/laptop users. Maybe this had something to do with the fact that mobile users go only to their most-trusted sources, while desktop/laptop users are more prone to play around with many different sites. 

Over one-third of desktop/laptop users also get their news on mobile devices. I must include myself in this category. I like getting news off my mobile simply for the sake of convenience. I use my mobile when I think of random things to look up and when I need a news update. My laptop use is much more comprehensive. I scour the web in just about every way with my laptop. 

One thing not at all surprising about the finding is the fact that mobile is becoming more widespread. As the article I looked at yesterday speculated and this study confirms, more and more people use multiple computer applications, whether it’s desktops, laptops, mobile devices, or tablets and use multiple applications to get their news too. 


One thought on “Mobile devices hold promise for news producers

  1. Good summary on a study I had not seen. I just heard a presentation that included some trends on mobile use that mirror the findings in this latest Pew research. As for my own personal use, I prefer the traditional DESKTOP computer. If I’m away from home, then the laptop. But, that’s my personal preference when it comes to news consumption and computer use (not that you wanted to know that). This comes from someone who reads multiple daily newspapers (in print) each day.

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