Social Media and the NFL?

It’s easy to realize how social media has impacted our daily lives. Often, we think of it as just another fun outlet. But this article on Mashable shows that social media has encroached upon so much more than just the social element.

Social media is now a powerful business element. Millions use LinkedIn to search for jobs or to search for job candidates. Media professionals use social media as part of their job duties in many instances. As the article above notes, NFL players are now turning to social media. They do so in order to announce contractual agreements. With wide receiver Pierre Garcon, he announced his signing with the Washington Redskins on his Facebook page. He wrote that he did so in order to allow the fans to hear it directly from him. It’s interesting: athletes now have greater power because of social media. In the past, NFL front office people could spin a signing or loss of a player in a way that would make themselves look good. Now, players or reporters will very likely be the first to comment. And most reporters will simply be reporting and not commenting.

As a sports fan, it’s exciting that off-season action happens more frequently with the internet and especially with social media. This is yet another sign to me that people should embrace not only LinkedIn (and I certainly have a long way to go with LinkedIn), but also Twitter and obviously Facebook. They are indispensable tools for today.


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