This article on Huffington Post has good tips for customer surveys. One tip is that in order to understand the why question, it’s important to include open-ended questions. Yet another is to be weary of biased rating scales or leading questions. The author also offers the tip of using professional survey sources. This is where the author began to seem lazy. She critiques surveys on Facebook, Twitter, etc. And furthermore, she bashes free surveys, citing Survey Monkey. However, she offers no proper critique, other than to say they are watered-down. I understand all the survey methods she critiques have their shortcomings, but what about the so-called “self-serve” surveys that are “cost effective” that she proceeds to make a plug for? At any rate, the next tip of reaching out to the customer is a little more solid. Giving people the personal touch would certainly make them feel better about having invested time in a survey. And the final tip is common sense: use the survey results to improve.


Here’s an interesting article on loading speeds and what usability testing expert Jakob Nielsen calls the difference between clock time and perceived time. And for my grad school friends, a little blurb about how to improve loading time on WordPress. I haven’t tried it yet, but maybe I should.

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