If you are a graduate student, chances are, you’ve had a time where you needed all the energy you could get. Perhaps sleep deprivation enters the equation. Some people swear off caffeine.

But they have to find other pick-me-ups, right? I noticed last night they now sell those 5-hour energy drinks in the vending machine on the ground floor of the Journalism Department’s Reese Phifer building. While it was surprising, it might be a brilliant move on the vending machine company’s part.

At any rate, the big buzz right now has to do with this. The Aeroshot seems like a terrible idea. Besides the sloppy misspellings of the author, something seems wrong with inhaling six puffs of caffeine. Oy! Not surprisingly, we see this. Dish soap in my mouth doesn’t sound at all appealing, but more importantly suffering heart palpitations is not an alluring prospect either. For me, I’ll take my time and enjoy my coffee thank you. I know coffee isn’t particularly good for you, but it sure beats dish soap. Besides, there is something to be said for sipping on an old, familiar friend while taking advantage of free wi-fi.

The man who invented the Aeroshot does seem like a really interesting character. I find it interesting that this article never mentions him drinking the Aeroshot, but it does mention him taking shots of espresso. His explanation for the potential harm with the Aeroshot isn’t particularly convincing, is it? Has anyone else out there become a caffeine addict because of grad school or work?

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One thought on “Caffeine

  1. Total caffeine addict right here. I love coffee. Love it. I think I go through an entire 12oz. bag a week. I drink at least 3 cups a day: one in the morning, one from the office, and then one while I catch up on my readings. And then I’ll make the occasional trip down to Chloe’s for a cup of their delicious Butter Rum Mocha. YUM!

    Now, the Aeroshot thing sounds a little dangerous. If I got a hold of one of those tubes, I feel as though I’d end up abusing it, as in inhaling its entire contents in one second, and then another, and another, and another. An instant kick of energy? I feel like I need that, constantly. Especially when working on my readings for Roberts or sitting in on class.

    Bad news.

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