The well-regarded New York Times writer David Carr had an article in The Times today on Twitter. It’s a really thought-provoking article.

Basically, Carr lays why Twitter is both great and terrible at the same time. It’s wonderful because it allows professional journalists to engage with their audience and blog in real-time, as Roland Martin did during the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, Martin made a questionable tweet about a David Beckham underwear ad. He was suspended from his regular job at CNN for remarks he made on Twitter.

Carr recounts how his initial reaction was to come to Martin’s defense until he decided he should stay quiet in order to not upset his employers. Should journalists be expected to make their tweets professional? Should journalists be suspended from their regular jobs for something posted on Twitter? For those who read the original article, did Martin cross the line or was CNN just making a PR statement?

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One thought on “Twitter

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I think the line between personal/professional tweets are something that every journalist struggles with, myself included. Twitter has become a great tool, but it’s a delicate blending of the personal and professional side of a person. It’s always difficult for me to decide exactly how much humor to use on my site, how to engage audiences in the most productive way, etc. And oftentimes, no matter how much you try to predict to how people will respond, you’re still wrong. I think it’s something that each journalist must think about very carefully and decide on their own. What may be right for one person, wouldn’t be appropriate for someone else. Good post!

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