More on Briggs

Chapter 1 in Mark Briggs’ “Entrepreneurial Journalism” is entitled Understanding the News Ecosystem. Basically, he lays out how online news has affected the media industry. On page 4, Briggs writes, “In fact, long-respected journalistic values are as responsible for undoing the newspaper business model as the upstart Internet that is usually blamed.” Audiences today have so many choices and the increase in choices has led to a decline in audiences for specific outlets. Media outlets have been stubborn, thinking they have a monopoly on news and actively resisted adapting to the latest technology. Now that it has become clear they don’t have a monopoly, they will have to adapt. I am curious to find out more about The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen, which Briggs references several times. Probably the best line the chapter is on page 12, when Briggs writes, “In the near future, instead of a daily newspaper with 150 journalists, a small city might have 20 digital news operations, each with a handful of journalists and each working in a clearly defined content and audience niche.”


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