Web analytics are a powerful tool for online journalism.

“The Bold New World of Web Analytics 2.0” is a more technical piece, discussing the terminology of analytics, big picture ideas, and the future possibilities.

“What Web Analytics Can–and Can’t Tell You About Your Site’s Traffic and Audience” is written for laymen in easy-to-understand language. The article came from the well-regarded Poynter Institute in Florida, so it was probably written with a wider audience in mind. The author basically summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of analytics and carefully explaining that data can be good, but it can also be meaningless. It all depends on how you use it.

“Why Analytics” explains analytics at large, but focuses primarily on Google Analytics.

Meanwhile, returning to Mark Briggs’ new book Entrepreneurial Journalism, chapter one explains the world of journalism in the new digital age. Newspapers in the past had a monopoly over advertisers but no longer. Now, publications will have to work hard to attract a large audience, and perhaps more importantly, a loyal audience.


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